Thursday, 8 December 2011


Long gone are the warmth of the sun of North Africa,

Yet in your heart still sung the crickets at night,

Your life now from the past is a mere replica,

At night it is Rouiba's beauty, hoping that one day you might

See her again, feel the warmth, sing it's praises in your heart,

For this home of yours, that in your youth, you were forced to abandon,

A life so small, a heart so young dancing under a sun now torn apart,

What fate did to you was not fair, sadly for you, history can not be undone.

Oh Father of mine, all your life you held a love indestructible for her,

It was your childhood, your life, the sun, the freedom, a life now gone by,

How you spoke of the land, the sea, the garden and of that one little flower,

And no matter how you tried, you couldn't understand the real reason why.

Sometimes I pray, when you left us all behind it is to reside on a cloud above the land,

Maybe then you're leaving me behind would be less painful, knowing you there,

Even if so many times I've wished I'd been here to, one last time, hold your hand,

It is small reward to think you over there, on a cloud, happy again, mon Pere.

The Tale Of The Poet Young 2

See him, the Poet Young, suffer in the darkness of his heart,

Waiting silently for the moment life will grant him the warm smile,

That fate took from him, while keeping him and his own apart,

Hoping for an end to the storm raging in him for so long a while...

Feel in his words the strain in his soul, colder from the wait,

Seeing himself in light faded and the same broken idea, 

Throwing at him but little bits to keep him interested, mere bait,

Losing himself in the notions of what maybe life might be.

Few have gotten the real deal from the Poet Young in time,

But in spite his word and bitterness, shines a golden heart,

We may have been granted from him at times lemon and lime,

But the clever mind of a Poet Young hid beneath his cloak from the start.

Is it not fate that shapes us so, when we fall, she kicks us down,

With all she can give, she tests us and breaks our heart in pieces,

Yet through this, he stood up and moved on, to dark and bright places,

Behold, people, amongst us, once again the Poet Young is in town!

Welcome back mate!!!!


Thursday, 1 December 2011


Oh the pangs of pain tearing through my heart...
Love once was a feeling raging through me,
Emotion of volcanic matter....
Yet it's gone now, it's vanished from me,
I see, I love, but not like before,
Those in my heart, are not so deeply rooted
As you once were rooted in my heart.
I look inwards
Seeing only the shattered pieces
What once was my heart...
They beat on their own, lonely and cold,
Where has it all gone?
Little islands keeping me alive,
Feeling so much
Never in the right way,
Nowhere good enough than the last one,
I try
Mend it together,
Piece by piece,
One at a time...
One in,
One falls back out...
It's all gone in the past,
Life took from me that beautiful ability,
With you it went, like blown by the winds...
Once I could love so deeply,
All around me seemed a blurr,
No one to be seen,
None to be heard,
You were my only interest, my only love, mine...
Now all that is left,
Are the scattered pieces of my heart,
Shattered as if it were merely