Sunday, 15 April 2012


You must forgive me for talking like this today,
You tried I understand to show me a better way,
But when the darkness is here no light can pierce through,
No words, no notes, no music seem to ring true.

I tried so hard to stay away from the pain of old,
Yet it reached me in a movement so bold,
Reminding me that I am always a temporary solution
To anyone’s needs, to anyone’s times of depression.

I have never been to anyone a long standing friend
Not once have I felt I had a place, just that helping hand,
In spite of all you have been a real, precious friend though,
But before I hurt more, before the pain returns again, please let me go.

Children will grow, they will soon forget about me,
It is happening already, can you not see?
I can’t go on much more in this way,
Please don’t make me stay.

I have no more patience, it is all gone,
And I can’t continue living with all this inside me, all alone.
I tried to see a future much more bright,
But all around me by day is as dark and lonely as night.


Words were on paper, on a screen she offers,
To illustrate to the world how much deep down she suffers
Through words she allowed her inner walls to be broken,
Knowing one day the affliction, the pain again would happen.

Under the dark cover of the deepest night,
She let her guards down hoping with all her might
That she wouldn’t be hurt again,
Yet all her hopes again were slain.

Lost in a maze of words she is lost once more,
Leaving her eyes, her heart yet again sore.
The sun in a sky of clear blue may shine brightly
From the darkness of the pain, she just cannot see.

Loneliness isn’t the worst affliction for her,
It is the slow tearing fangs of silence from which she has to suffer
The emptiness of her daily routine driving her insane,
So to her solitude she will return yet again.