Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Deafening cry for help

I seek sleep sweet
For our hands again to meet
The sweetness of your gaze
And the inspirational blaze

I seek shelter from my memory
The forgetfulness so dear to me
Time to slowly fade
For a blank sadly man made

And yet all replays in my head
Your voice whispering to me instead
My impulsive manner repeats itself again
And young hopes cruelly slain

Words are my last modem
Poetry my everlasting emblem
My hiding space from your rejection
And the backlash of my passion

The flow will one day poison me
A deafening cry of help no one will see
But until then I shall follow
Maybe one day, you’ll see, you’ll know.

Laurence Ramos
12/12/12     12.16 pm

Loyalty Be My Chain

Patience be my name
Honesty be my game
That my intentions be true
And my actions be such too

So one day maybe
The sought after may see
That never do I play
And I am true to what I say

Loyalty be my chain
Often leading me to much pain
For my heart follows one only
Oh object of my affection will you not see?

Never do I waste my pure emotions
To feeble helpless moments of passion
If I beseech you it is only
A cruel turn of what you inspire in me

Few are those I seek near me
I am a caged bird freed newly
This heart of mine full of innocence
Draws its strength out of patience

Yet it pushes me further
From my solitary attitude that I would prefer
Knowing what I wish for
The being I will inevitably come to adore.

Laurence Ramos
12.05 pm