Tuesday, 12 February 2013

"wilstonegreen" by William Craig

Over the past few years, a writer rose from the depth of struggles with illness and complications in his life. Often he has attracted controversy, dislike or even hatred over his work. Yet his style is as raw as his talent. Many would easily argue that it is my job to glorify William Craig’s work or that being a personal friend of the author, I would obviously cover his work with the best of my opinion but in all honesty, even I find some of his pieces difficult to read or even appreciate. However there is no denying the truth behind his views or even the fact that the honesty in which the poems are written bring questions to the mind as we read.
Many pieces are available to read online, in fact should you enter the title of the book soon to be published into a search engine, you would find various examples of what controversy the author often faced. What author worth the reading doesn't have such controversy at some point of their career?
Soon “wilstonegreen” will be published. A book that one day will become a classic. No matter what the main opinion about the author is, the quality of the work is out of the bounds of the general poetic scope. There is something about the collection that will keep you going reading whether it is the raw emotions inked in each line read, the honesty that is encapsulated within the work or the openness in the views and experiences shared with us readers, it will keep you reading until the last word, often leaving you wishing there was more to read on the work.

Now I will invite you to visit the Facebook page, there you will find a few samples of William Craig’s work.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

Laurence Ramos.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Empty Shells Of A Time

Sometimes life redirects our hearts
Breaks them in many shattered parts
Even if we promised ourselves it wouldn't be
Life plays a game that we rarely see...

It wasn't malice that brought me to say no to you
It was more the fear of feelings becoming too true...
You were too close by then, the friend
The one intimate who would never hold my hand

I never set out to make you get upset
And you knew what I wanted from the onset
Patience has nothing to do with what we lived
And in a future neither of us truly believed...

I couldn't wait for you to change your mind
Live this way, walking on as if I was blind
I am not toy, I am flesh, blood and fire
Now our history came to finally expire...

No, there is not pettiness in asking
For my things to be returning
To me now that we will never speak again
As you said, now, things will never be the same...

So my friend, I bid you goodbye, goodnight
For you I cared for with all my might, 
Will I miss you, your funny ways
Yes, I shall... I probably will, always...

But no future did we speak of any time
The time with you, I'll cherish with memories sublime
With the little white monkey by my side
I will remember you with much pride.

Laurence Ramos

(For David, my postman friend)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

wilstonegreen by William Craig

William Craig is an author 
raw talent.

His work is full of honesty
thought provoking.




to view






Thank you very much.

Along the paths of my soul

I wish you were here now, just here
To push away from those eyes the fear
I wish you were here to tell those children
That even if this horror happened often
It's not universal, it's not going to happen again
That once this is done, they will not know this pain...
But I wish that right now I was with you
In this life for me nothing will ever again be new
I'm tired Daniel, so tired you see
To wait and wait to be happy
We both know it's only a stupid idea
One that leads people to believe
To accept people who come only to leave
Happiness my father is never going to happen
I could see it in your eyes so often
And I see it every day on mine
But I must stay and stand up in line
Wait for the time that life claims my last breath finally
I must fake that feeling, that notion of being happy...
Until then I'll wait smiling
I've become so good at faking
I often marvel at my mastery
I live along life perfectly
Ignoring what would normally bring anger
Because I know that when I speak up others suffer, 
So I keep the pain and the sadness within
And I live this way, waiting
Waiting for the last breath most probably painful
Like the trails dug along the paths of my soul
I'll wait until I can finally join those I miss
And with the everlasting peace I shall know bliss
I would no longer cry in secret as I so often do
When in the middle of the day I can hear you
Singing to those old songs you used to play
Yes, I shall join you, sooner or later, I too will be on my way....

Laurence Ramos