Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Deafening cry for help

I seek sleep sweet
For our hands again to meet
The sweetness of your gaze
And the inspirational blaze

I seek shelter from my memory
The forgetfulness so dear to me
Time to slowly fade
For a blank sadly man made

And yet all replays in my head
Your voice whispering to me instead
My impulsive manner repeats itself again
And young hopes cruelly slain

Words are my last modem
Poetry my everlasting emblem
My hiding space from your rejection
And the backlash of my passion

The flow will one day poison me
A deafening cry of help no one will see
But until then I shall follow
Maybe one day, you’ll see, you’ll know.

Laurence Ramos
12/12/12     12.16 pm

Loyalty Be My Chain

Patience be my name
Honesty be my game
That my intentions be true
And my actions be such too

So one day maybe
The sought after may see
That never do I play
And I am true to what I say

Loyalty be my chain
Often leading me to much pain
For my heart follows one only
Oh object of my affection will you not see?

Never do I waste my pure emotions
To feeble helpless moments of passion
If I beseech you it is only
A cruel turn of what you inspire in me

Few are those I seek near me
I am a caged bird freed newly
This heart of mine full of innocence
Draws its strength out of patience

Yet it pushes me further
From my solitary attitude that I would prefer
Knowing what I wish for
The being I will inevitably come to adore.

Laurence Ramos
12.05 pm

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Memories Gone By

I still feel the cold from that night
Seeing the marks left on my body
I tried with all my might
Not to show it, for anyone not to see
Yet it was inevitable that someone one day
For them to reappear 
Would notice the soul that lost its way
Full of pain, full of fear
And you couldn't protect me, 
I was too far from you to hear
And you were too far to see
That you were the one bringing the biggest fear
I would have forever been in your shadow, 
Being pushing you to greatness, 
Sacrifice more you could ever know 
So long as your life was out of the mess, 
I was there, I saw your worst, your best
I witnessed your words, your heart
I sat in the middle of your literary fest
Yet while always close by eternally apart
This eats up at me, always, always, 
I'd have smiled in your shadow
So long as there was light in your days, 
I would tried all for the sake of you to know
That I would, I will be there never far behind
Always, always, where I can watch over you
If you no longer are in my life, you are in my mind
Until this life has run it's path through...
If only, just if only we both walked on the same road
Understood each other's ways better, 
If only you saw me with a view that was broad, 
You'd have noticed within me the monster, 
Maybe it would have been avoided
But this word means nothing 
It is the master of where I'm headed
And you on that path I cannot be taking....

Laurence Ramos
November, 25th. 2012

The Poet Young-3

The mornings hold nothing new
Just old memories of you
The poet, the friend
The one I thought could understand
Somewhere in my despair 
I lost track, let you fly off in the air
But the piano keeps on playing
All the while I am waiting
For the moment you will remember
That in me you have a friend forever
That life will never go far by
Without you wondering why
I act in such a way
Every time I take a turn these days
Maybe one day you will miss this friendship
Maybe upon my craziness again will you trip
Until then I must move on some way
Waiting patiently for that day
In the meantime look after yourself well
On this I shall no longer dwell
Inside, I will smile at you
Even if the outside one is hardly ever true
Because you were the light in my darkness
The path, the way out of my mental mess
So goodbye for now and be strong
Do not let life tarnish the hope of the Poet Young
For he will one day shine for someone else better
And then maybe you will see what lays beneath the layer
Of craziness and anger, the wild child you took under your wing
But this no longer yours to worry, yours for understanding

Laurence Ramos
November, 25. 2012

Saturday, 24 November 2012


I'd smile for a thousand years
If you were to push away my fears, 
Contentment, joy and happiness
I would bring to chase the mess
That life threw at you, at me
I would walk each mile to see you happy
Robbing night of its darkness infinite
So the moon could shine upon the tarnished granite
Of the street you walk upon at night
I would be your guide when you lose sight
You would be my inspiration to all I write
I would hide the pain from my heart 
Just so from you I never have to be apart
I would do so much to ensure another beginning
Keep quiet when I lack the understanding
stay away a little to allow you to recover 
N'importe quoi pour assurer ton bonheur....
But all this, this is a dream, it won't be true
Yet if only you looked, if you knew
Yet I am condemned to being here alone
In this silence, because of what I have done
And it hurts me more than arguments and fights
It extinguished that little light
It killed the hope that I nurtured within
Yet I cannot begin realising 
That you were so close, so so close to me
Yet you saw nothing, little did you see...

Laurence Ramos
November, 24th. 2012

Now I Cannot Lie

I was so confused and now I cannot lie
Because I have just realised why
But for all the words written in poetry
Expressing any of it wouldn't release me
From the bond, the link, the chain
That tightens around me, increasing the pain....
I can't live in this silence, yet I cannot tell you
So I'll accept this with a patience anew
The corridors of my nights lost their light
My demons have all won their fights
I stay there, in my bed staring at the ceiling
Not because I have to because of a memory teasing
It all swirls in my head so strong so fast,
From a time not so far past
Words exchanged at a time seemingly slow
When of all of this I blissfully didn't know
But now I wake up with my mind and heart tight
Of where all this was going I lost sight
And there's not much else to really say
Fuck this! I lost you and I lost my way.

Laurence Ramos
November, 24th. 2012

Saturday, 17 November 2012

An August Morning

Here is the song of an August morning
With the birds full of gaiety singing
The lush leaves of green
And the brightest sun ever seen
This is the song of a wonderful morning
Played in the heart to the strings of a violin
Feel the air fill your lungs of warm air free
The sweetest morning you will ever see
This is the song of a good day to come
The one that keeps evading some
Here is the morning for which you had been waiting
Look at your loved one still smiling
This is the song of a moment in its time lost
Sweet to me but sweeter to most
And with the words of a poet in the shadows today
I wish you and your loved ones a more wonderful day
Laurence Ramos
11.44 am

Friday, 9 November 2012

Poems From A Dark Cold Night 4

Little pieces of paper
Marking the time better
Than memory could
Or willingness would.
Blessing from a receipt
Who else but me would admit?
No sleep when words are around
To the tempo of music those are bound
One time in my history
Recorded most accordingly.

Laurence Ramos

4.34 am

Poems From A Dark Cold Night 3

Words of life gone by
Never back to explain why
Lingering over moments
Time honored homely scents
Yet in the warm heart
Their playbacks start
Smile survivor for you live
So one day in life again you shall believe

Laurence Ramos

4.26 am

Poems From A Dark Cold Night 2

Could fate have known truly
Of the roses she could see
And the scent gently on her clothes
The relaxing effect of the pause?

Night, former enemy of mine
By your silence you inspire
Words to form each coming line
Like wood fuels a burning fire.

Day shall come eventually
From words she will quite humbly
Retire and resume her day
In her most ordinary way.

Laurence Ramos
3.56 am

Poems From A Dark Cold Night 1

Night so sweetly dark
Lit by the soft distant light
Small things often leave the deepest mark
Burning the soul with all its might

Silence broken by noises so soft
Low tones, soft breaths, all in the lateness
Memories made of perfect craft
Life rolling along its gentle sweetness

And time flies by slowly
Still the distant light shines for the poetess
As the hours pass so gently
She writes out of sweet tenderness.

Laurence Ramos
3.51 am

Monday, 5 November 2012


Easily do they forget what lurks in your mind
The thoughts lingering most unkind
But quickly they remember
When they in life suffer….

Easily cast aside you are when you are in need
You can try to reach them, you can bleed
They look elsewhere fed up with you
Those are the ones I called friends true…

No need for them where I find myself now
I fall, I cry, to the sad memories I sadly bow
No need for words, no needs for anything
But to me nothing you need to be telling….

I will not leave quickly out of your lives,
I will hang around like a bee near the hive
You all had from me my undivided attention
Now you get from me a little word of caution…

No kids, no life to unfold will I keep in my thoughts,
You, them, everything can rock along in the boat
While I sail the rough waters of my memory
You will not have a friend all that happy.

For what reason I didn’t crack this time I do not know
But I will not hold on for long though
The silence is bothersome to me
And more of it I wish not to see….

We all have lives, mine is full of everything
I need a bit of peace but this is not happening
I need the stress to leave but it hangs on to me
Like a leech on the person I no longer wish to be….

I am tired, too tried to try
I don’t want to know, I don’t see why
Changes never make up for what was once lost
At a truly life long cost

No you cannot understand,
In my shoes you would need time to spend
And still however bitter the mood is today,
I wouldn’t want you to know this way…

So keep the silence going, it will eat me up slowly
Then of your friend little will remain suddenly
I fail to care if that affects you
I fail to see if any of my friendships ever were true…

Laurence Ramos
8.54 am

Thursday, 25 October 2012

A night

It seems so far away
Yet it was but a day
At dark under the cloak of night
But my mind holds it with all its might...

Each sound, each touch is there
Yet the person has gone seemingly elsewhere
The emotions felt through the touches at their smallest
On my skin as soft as feather dust...

Each caress at its most tender
There stroking my mind softer and softer
Breaths, skin on skin moments now gone
And for the love of life, what have I done?

Those I’ll remember happily
But the silence now is cutting me deeply
There is no way to explain what my mind seeks
But it will be torturing me now for weeks….

Maybe it is better to teach it patience
In such a torturous way, a lesson freelance
But it will not stop bringing back
What went on under the cloak most dark…

Laurence Ramos

Happy Birthday to the one who under the cloak of dark woke up a monster in me
I had so long hoped I would never again see....
May your day be wonderful, 
Hoping to hear from you one day....

A Dedication

Little noises flicker around the mind
Thoughts most unkind
The temper boiling over from the stress
And having to look back on the past mess....

Time may pass but the wounds are there
Hidden, warm and waiting somewhere
The smile may fool the many around
But to hell lately my mind is bound....

One day they were there, waiting
For the return of the child coming
Hoping for that one last hug, last goodbye
But it never happened and they never knew why....

Each Autumn their memory awakens in her mind
And in the heart of the one left behind
She tried to join them but had to stay
Accepting this had to be the only way...

Still for them she loves, lives and hopes,
Loosening the last remaining ropes
Holding her to the life that led her to lose all
Still trying not to take that final fall...

In memory of my father, Grand Mother and Grand Father whom I will always love more than life itself.
Them who sacrificed all they had for me, for my childhood to be happy hoping that my life would be good.
It's getting better but without you sometimes it is hard. I just wish I had had that last goodbye...

Laurence Ramos
7.02 pm

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Thoughts running through my mind
Pouring out of my tired eyes,
All of those feeling so unkind
And still no answers to the whys....

It was maybe all too much, too fast
One step too quickly paced
All of this devastating past
Suddenly seems so eerily misplaced

If those where all just words I'd ignore all
I'd class them as bygone moments
But as I'm heading once more for a fall
All I feel is the cold cement....

I shouldn't have tried but I never listen
I go ahead full of life and hope misunderstood
Never thinking what could happen
Then hitting a wall, letting in the flood....

Laurence Ramos

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Or is it? 
For all the purring of the feline kind
You linger on my melting mind
Soft caresses and tender kisses
To your touch my heart a skip misses
Slow hours trickling seconds by minute
Pleasures the silence couldn't mute
Lost in the icy blue ocean of your eyes
I forget the time as it gleefully flies
Yet if in words I could just express what is now missing
Maybe it could be found in the memory of the candle still burning.
Hours gone not so long ago now
To the needs slowly rising I could bow
Soon one hopes, sooner maybe
Those sensations could once more be...

Laurence Ramos

Another night

Another sleepless night
My mind taking a flight
Towards dreams far away
Of times to come one day
Another late night alone
With poetry to be done
Moments of tune fluttering
While my mind floats away dreaming
Another night filled with sentences
The same thought in my mind dances
Stopping and coming like a flashing light
Another night filled with dreams I hope for with all my might.
Laurence Ramos

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sweet Tenderness

Never forgotten in the sweet tenderness
Petits rien chuchotes dans  une petite promesse
Hand in hand strolling through a darkened corridor
Laissant les idées, les mots à leurs propres sorts
Melodious symphonies playing in hearts softly
Pendant que l’âme pense à l’amour en supplie
Longing for beginnings anew born out of fever
Oubliant les maux qui appartiennent à la ferveur
The road is longer than anyone would say
Mais plus douce avec un peu de complicité
Remains to find the soul to carry the heart further
Et laisser derrière un passé plain d’horreur.

Laurence Ramos

Three Minutes to Darkness

It was a few minutes, no more
Leaving a mind and heart sore
The force at its most extreme
For the pride to remain supreme
Never would humanity believe
What those in the soul leave…
Until you feel yourself giving in
Feeling your strength failing
You beg, starting pleading
Your hand around his wrist
In your head your thoughts twist
A final fight for survival
How is this happening at all?
The air sour stings your lungs
In his eyes your love suddenly is hung
You kick, you struggle to no avail             
After you no one to recount the tale
Around your neck his strong fingers
His eyes burning full of pure anger
Then suddenly your thoughts dims
Still in his eyes the rage gleams
The light switches off so slowly
Until there nothing left for you to see
As your body gives in to total emptiness
There’s nothing left for you to confess
Deep darkness as you slowly sink in
Today for you there will be no winning….

Friday, 14 September 2012

Alone Together

Tears running down the pale cheeks
Heart beating faster by the second
Eyes that never meet
Pure deepest emotion
There’s so much that could be told
Hands never held for mistaken comprehension
Millions of beating hearts whose love is never bought or sold
Yet there is no denying their never failing passion
Time and time again beating for the same purpose united
Far far away from the ones they love more than life forever
In this world and life that suddenly became so complicated
Never forgetting that inside them, somewhere burns this powerful fever
Alone in the darkness of their lonely rooms in their cold homes
Their hearts and souls alone burn in unison
Each minute of their lives inscribed in the universe’s tomes
As those misunderstanding what is understood by a million
No tears, no smiles shared in public yet all known some way
All fading in the line of time and life in a sublime feeling
Light as air yet so heavy in the hearts of those who couldn’t say
What those together bring in anyway something appealing

Laurence Ramos
02.34 am

Behind Pride

No nothing would let me admit it
What festers within me simply
Held by the fear, my mind won’t submit
To what the heart begs it to see…

Yet it is there, somewhere inside
Boiling over in all manner of ways
Kept prisoner by my heightened pride
Maybe I’ll tell you some days…

Some many times I seem to seek within
What is keeping a light in this odd place
Trying desperately to find it, something to pin
To what is not there, to some face….

Hard to appreciate what feels so good
When it is not comprehensible
Bringing about this sulking mood
Letting me forget what is so sensible

No it is not possible to understand
And my mind still refuses to think
About why I walk about with this emptied hand
And my eyes so often refuse to blink

Sleep is sweet yet seldom comes to me
Every time I close my eyes I see them smiling
They beg of me to be happy
In words that I fake understanding

Never seeing the point of hoping
Not seeking to find this feeling truly
I’ll keep on enjoy it’s presence growing
And maybe one day, why it’s there is what I’ll see!!!

Laurence Ramos
3.08 am

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I wish

I wish I knew
If what they say is true
If your words are heartfelt
Why each time something in me has to melt

I wish I had never
Reached out whenever
Life and hope seemed at the end
I wish for once I could pretend

I wish for no morning
To surprise my poor eyes crying
That my heart wasn't still utterly broken
Why all of this had to happen?

I wish I wasn't me
Just for one chance to be happy
To chase this thing inside
Forever eating away at my pride

I wish she in the mirror
Looking back at me, didn't invoke such horror
That she would fade slowly
And that with her death she would take me

I wish but there's no reason
To wish upon the pillow I cry on
To hope I was someone else ever
Happy and why not prettier!

I wish for the silence
To break along with my patience
To never wake again
This way I would know I wouldn't feel this pain


If Only

And I sit here in the darkness
For companion my heart's mess
Those illusive answers still hiding
My only defence crying...

Pathetic creature that I am still
Fighting but with no will
Life passes me by purposefully
And I watch it go by happilly!

No longer do I care for the light
It can go on shining so bright
I now know it is not for me
Blind and hurt I'll accept I cannot be happy

I was waiting for this to start again
To feel this dull invasive pain
Slowly creeping in on me
Not a friend I'm happy to see

I felt it slowly gain strength
Much to my expense
I see darkness all around
And to it I am forever bound

So much I wish to say
But never do I find the words by day
Yet at night they flood my mind often
Tormenting me, waiting for disaster to happen

I want to quit it all
Close my eyes, let myself fall
Never wake, end it there
This hunting game certainly isn't fair

Laurence Ramos

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I was there, watching her water approaching, 
Yet it was London I was then missing, 
As the cold salty ocean reached out to me, 
It was clear back home I am no longer happy.

As I walked to her slowly anticipating
The icy grasp I had for so long been longing,
My mind raced back to where my heart and life now belong
Yes the love for her has gone but when it was there it was strong....

Biscarrosse, daughter of swamps and wild sands, 
Not matter how long and far you stretch out your hands, 
Even if in life and heart I will always be your daughter, 
It is not for you my heart is running after.

Oh mother of strong and hard minded people
You have lost the charm once bewitching all
A mere attraction you are now earthly mother
For you old and hidden beauty we no longer bother.

Your children have grown complacent
As quick as it left, your sweet pine scent
Along with it went the kindness, the charm
From me you may now forever close your welcoming arms.

In my heart I shall keep my childhood sun
Back from when it all begun
The memories of sweet treats and salty waters
But from you and the past little now matters.

Laurence Ramos
August, 8th. 2012