Thursday, 10 November 2011

For Two Masquerading As One: My Twin

Moments of intense sorrows,
Heart pinching your very soul,
Mashing each second of your life
Into a painful knot inside your slowly melting mind.
Such are the beginnings of minutes of hurt.
You need not say a word my dear brother
I know the tugging ache of it all,
I feel it grow inside me daily,
I pray for it to disappear
Yet it feeds second by second on my fear.....
You know as I do, these times will pass,
But our lives it will encompass...
Not much we can do but bear the tears
And hope we'll get through at the other end,
With those we love by our side,
And our sanity close by intact.
While I will spill the beans to a few friends and you,
I know it is not in you to speak of the pain,
I respect your ways of coping,
I respect your space and you as you are,
But remember you have friends here who love you.
Should you be here or in that terrible spot,
You are never alone my Twin, never,
You have friends willing to stand by you,
As well as a sister in Extremes,
My brother from another mother,
Never will you be alone
through this ordeal.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Float Happy

Little things in life make the heart float happy

Make this life worth living and remember to be

You and not let anything or anyone push you off

The path you are walking softly along.....

Perfection is nothing but a mere notion,

If there was such a thing, it'd be you,

It'd be them and I would certainly be me too....

Perfection is the brightening of your eyes when you're happy.

Take a minute to think back of the good times,

Remember you made them happen equally,

You must know the good in you and let go of the bad too,

It is no game, but a rule of life, be you and be true.

To the devil with the liar and disbelievers,

It is your life you are living and not theirs,

Please see in you the good and let go of the bad,

Remember in your heart the love you carry and offer freely.

It is your gold and your true self,

Your smile, your happiness,

They are you, learn to love them and we'll do too....

Be yourself, be happy and the devil with those who disagree!


Sat On Mars

Seconds worth the thoughts,

Minutes deep in beliefs lost,

Take a hand in yours and feel

The warmth of the humanity

Remember what it was once worth.

Gone are the moments of intimate serenity,

Dead to this world as the romance in the heart,

Tearing the last vestiges of humanity there.

Sitting here, cold and bathing in the warm notes

Of a guitar so long untouched,

Painful memories scratching at the mind,

Vying to escape the soul's tender prison,

Trying to attack that last stronghold of reason....

Where were you when sanity boarded the train

Never to return, sat on Mars waiting to burn?

We all ache some way, somehow, don't give in,

Let your heart rage against the fatality of life,

Never giving in to the last shreds of insanity,

Fight on and remember, your future is only but

What it will be, the consequences of your present.


She danced along the river bank, 
Light glistening along her long hair,
Careless, agile little thing she was,
Wonder to the world, light as a feather,
She twirled and skipped to the rhythm of the waters,
Right and left, she moved and danced,
Never looking forward, never looking back.
All in the moment of things,
Never thinking of former steps, missed skips,
Never thinking of the next for it could stumble her....
All was in the moment,  the moment of it....
Like you, all in your moment, never looking forward,
It is so uncertain what will be of us all,
Never knowing where the wind will pause our feathers
It is so uncertain what we do of our experiences,
Cherish the good, dispose of the negative....
Process love as life wants it,
You are but you don't feel it
I am and I don't want it.
There is something so romantic
In having the air brush against the skin,
it is here for one second,
Gone the next minute,
And she dances still along the river bank,
Remind me, my heart, that life is what we make it.
Matters not to anyone what is hidden to them,
Never looking forward for a future unsure,
Never looking back again to a past unwanted,
Seeing now as the moment to be,
To breathe, live and love,
Never seeking luck from the clouds above,
As the nimble child on the river banks,
My heart dances along the banks
Of the river of the moment called present,
Hoping one day we share one present
For a second, a minute or a day,
You, they, me, whatever we all may
Make of it all....
Living like the dancing child on the river bank,
Never seeking a future hazy,
Never looking at a past darkly
Know that love resides in us all,
This is for you.