Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Goodbye, goodnight

Pulling the carpet from under you
You, my lover never true
Leaving behind us the remains
Of the violence and problems
Taking of you nothing
I am now happy forgetting
Our life together
One I wanted to last forever
Foolish thoughts of mine
Destroyed by you through time
The hurt is fading slowly
And you lost all, you lost me…
Lost love deeper than ocean
Broke it slowly in the span
Of a decade hard worked upon
Left behind wife, daughter and son
Pretences were no way to leave
Hoping the love would still believe
Bringing darkness upon my mind
Leaving me to walk life blind
But I emerged from the darkness
Worked my way out of your mess
Grew stronger than you knew
And all this without you…
I've pulled the carpet from under your feet
There is no warmth in that heart for you to greet
No memories worth remembering
I loved you, I knew you but you I despise
I cannot but feel anything else otherwise
Pity for the person who thought me a possession
Of his, eternally devoid of passion
Blind to what was lying next to you
A lover loyal and true…
Goodbye old boy one day maybe
In me a friend you’ll see
Yet I doubt I could see it be
Good night to your hopes
Rolling down their slippery slopes
Of despair and pain
This heart to you is forever slain.

Laurence Ramos
January, 15th. 2013

Sparks From Hell

My life is a line of confusion
My heart a boiling well of passion
My eyes lakes of darkness
Survivors of life's worst mess...

Your life is the point of ending
Your heart calls mine to be returning
Your eyes lakes of the purest blue
But in this life I cannot love you...

Our lives are far too different
Our hearts to each other much too insufficient
Our eyes meet and create sparks from hell
And we know we cannot live together well...

Your life in mine is a refreshment
My heart is joyful with you for a moment
Your eyes show gentleness to mine unknown
And to save this between us nothing can be done...

Laurence Ramos
January, 13th. 2013

Tell me, Tell me....

Tell me, tell me now 
The way I must take
Why I can't see how
I can avoid repeating the same mistakes?

Tell me, tell me when
Life seemed to leave its track
What did then happen
For you not to give up and slack?

Tell me, tell me why
When I feel like packing 
All and hide away to cry
There is no strength for me to be finding?

Would you, would you have told me
If you were there today
If there was yet another way to see?
If you could have had something new to say?

I know, I know you cannot speak anymore
You are now only living in my heart
Leaving me so often to cry myself sore
Because life thought again we should be apart...

Yet you I see, yes you I see
When I look in the mirror
Those eyes are yours they're not me
And when life did this, it was no error...

Tell me, tell me please
If one day I will again heart your voice
Will my heart one day be at ease
And could I find a way to make the proper choice?

Laurence Ramos
January, 13th. 2013

Nothing But Water

Lonely heart
Lovely mind
No counterpart
Needing to be kind
Searching life often
Seeking happiness
Never knowing what's to happen
In life's eternal mess....
Lovely heart
Lonely mind
Lost from the start
With all complexities combined
Wander far so far
Life binds us forever
Hiding a wound with a scar
Yet it shall heal never...
Lonely minds and hearts
Lovely hearts and minds
Never seeking those lost parts
Never knowing what together will they find
Going through days
With nothing but water
Blind as to which way
Lost souls wander forever....

Laurence Ramos
January, 13th. 2013.

A Heart's Illness

See, my soul is now filling with fumes
When someone I barely know assumes
My silence means I no longer am ready
To be around for you to see me....
Why make uninformed decisions
And lack with it a little compassion?

How could anyone wish for me to respect
When from me too much already they expect?
Am I not now old enough to know
How to act within my life though?
Never try to put upon me your expectation
When there is nothing between you and me but conversation....

And no, I no longer live by the shadows of my past
Could you not simply stop speaking too fast?
I may not respond immediately
But I have a life to live fully
Wait a little patiently, your words will be read
Should you show such a thing, I would be nicer instead...


Never assume,
For your life it will consume
Never expect
You will earn a little respect
Never should your mouth open
Too fast for the truth to soften
The anger your earned
I hope this lesson you too will have learned....
There is no account between us to be due
I owe nothing, least of all to you
My silence may well have been valid
And your harsh tone left me livid
Pressing me over my lack of conversation
Wasn't a reason for you to give an opinion
I breathe and live of my own accord
To speak in the heat of disappointment you cannot afford
I am nothing but words left upon a screen to you
And with this issue I am completely through...
My own babies in a more charming manner 
Know far better 
Than to offer their ill fated opinions
While assuming that it is for them or you an option
To demand to know for what reason
I wasn't coming to take part in childish conversation!
If you hope to make a friend in me
You will need to open your eyes and see
That I am not that alone in this world at all
And in this ill fated gap you better not again fall...

Laurence Ramos
January, 14th. 2013

Song Bird

And they sang for me the sweetest tune of all
As I sat watching the waters from the mountains fall
The wind brushing my hair here and there
Teaching me that life can sometimes be fair….
But winter came and they sang no more
They flew away and I knew not what for
I sat by the glacial waters of the tall mountains
My heart counting the days with untold pain…
I looked up to the sky so clear
My soul filled with fear
Their return was taking so long
And my longing for their songs so strong…
Spring arrived without my knowing
Their beautiful voices started arriving
And my colder heart rejoiced finally
For I could sit by the water with them singing for me…
Summer rolled like a cloud glides in the sky
None paid attention but all cried why
On its last dying day the birds left again
And the days were no longer the same again….

Laurence Ramos
January, 14th. 2013