Saturday, 14 January 2012


Silent outside, raging mind

Memories making a soul blind

Sweet smelling mimosa of the past

Aching, trembling heart, this can not last.

Scent of pine, lingering feeling of the soft sand

When the skin longs for the feel of the hand

Nothing seems to fade out of this mind of mine,

Leaving in me the terrible scars of time.

Some days I regret having left all the past behind

Leaving all I loved, all that was ever just mine

Missing the sun of a small town lost in the forest of green,

Leaving me now with this ghost of what had once been…

Then comes bustling Leicester Square by the end of day

Mistakes upon mistakes, lost in words I shouldn’t have said

A morbid relationship, past love, full fledged slavery

What the eyes ignored simply couldn’t make me happy.

And there I am, amongst noise incessant, near rage

Was it too much asked to finally be left out of the cage?

Only to find life is no better within the prison of life once

Awaiting the angry lion to come and again pounce….

Here I sit, in the midst of chaos never ending

Wondering where to go, what to do, what is happening….

Stuck on the spot, praying for something to happen,

For life’s grip on my fate to one day maybe finally soften.

Laurence Ramos