Sunday, 17 March 2013


I’m sorry you couldn’t tell me
You didn’t trust me enough
Truly sorry that I didn’t see
I know these things can be so tough
But in all of this I made sure you knew
I wasn’t playing, no, not playing
I’d have waited just for you
I was already under the wind swaying
Thinking nothing in this life would ring true
Then the silence hit me again
And this was nothing new
Just a lonely lane to the old pain…
I’m sorry I didn’t understand
But I am not one to be dragged along
I don’t march along with the same band
To be a follower you must be strong
And I am not, I need the background to be bright
I need to love and feel loved sometimes
Let my emotions run as fast as my emotion might
Can takes them, at the rhythm of the poetic rhymes
And you didn’t understand either
That this heart was set on you
In the misunderstanding I suffer
Expected your words not to be true
So I left what I saw as a game
Took your words seriously
I will accept I am to blame
Yet I know that you would have never loved me…