Friday, 11 May 2012

Little Remembrance

(picture of Daniel 48 and Nouna 5 months old) 

I am trying to gather my things around the internet...
I'm losing too many things...

being unable to access this blog
I have had to leave my promise aside...
childish words uttered by a mourning daughter, 
a shrine to the one gone to early, 
Leaving us all missing him...
Daniel, my dad, I still love you.

Degenerate Society

Oh the great degeneration of society
Slowly crumbling the work of our ancestors,
Bringing down life, rendering it so empty,
Men in bars, women lost in their beauty parlours…

There is no one anymore to look after the lost child,
No one cares, no one watches over,
Running around the streets like beasts wild,
While mother and father try a little to remain sober….

You see them stumble out of lifts smiling,
Their breath stinking of alcohol and cigarettes,
While their daughter red faced is apologising,
Still holding the remain of a childhood stolen behind mother’s wasted silhouette…

Oh watch the death of community
As people whisper behind your back
Words uttered maliciously
While you come home from work surrounded by the dark!

As owners allow their pets to foul the greens
Ignoring the mess they impose on the rest of the community,
Mere remains of bright kids, lonely sad could have beens,
Standing behind a dog wagging their tales happily….

While in this world are still few good men,
Why not stand on their backs and break what remains,
It seemed to matter not to some what would happen
When all those good people die filled with their past pain….

Society kills the original, the true and the one living as they see fit,
It’s not what matters to us anymore but what they dictate,
It’s not about being yourself, no it’s not it,
It’s about what you have to give when you bother to participate….

To Hell

For Hell’s worth there is a place for you,
You whose words seldom speak true,
And a fire forever fed of the flesh of damned,
Your soul evaporating with its vile thoughts within crammed.

For those who cry wolf while seeking trouble,
Satan seeks them out, drawing them from their festering bubble,
Torturing their mind with pain most terrible,
While your arguments to him will always seem feeble…

You have nothing but words of no worth,
Yet still your folly you pursue forth,
What is this manner with which you keep arguing?
Do you not see, there is no point in continuing?

No valour, no value to your speech, much pity
For the one who sees himself as an entity,
By God and his wretched creation
Have you then not got any pride or emotion?

Anger is fuelled by the deepest pits of Hell, raging,
And your soul in pursuit of its smoke will be falling
Right in the hands of Satan, master to your envy,
And for those you hound is a way out from you, one you may not see….

Darkest Love

Sea of darkness lingering around a soul so new,
Love is life without which a heart can never do,
From the depth of a despair growing
A light, a flicker started igniting….

In the night so dark, brightening by stars shining,
Hearts beat in unison; strangers on a common path keep walking,
Along the way of life, never seeing the other
They go through life in the same ghostly manner….

In their eyes lives a hope everlasting,
Beneath the sun soon to be rising,
They’ll rest their sore hearts and weary heads,
Lying unceremoniously on their straw beds….

You may be royalty, you may be a beggar,
Neither will bring as far
As what your heart is worth giving,
Not a title in life will stop Hell from firing….

You may think yourself pure and honest,
Yet only the good know the best,
If in your heart hatred festers freely,
Your last abode for you is decided already….

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Caged bird

It isn’t love, to harm the heart that loves you,
It isn’t love, it can never be true….
It isn’t being a man to lash out this way,
One day, you’ll understand, one day….

It isn’t a lesson taught when you rise your fist,
It is mere pain inflicted, pain as thin as the mist,
It isn’t being a husband to sit there waiting,
See, all this was bound to be happening….

It isn’t fair, maybe, that you are all alone now,
But it wasn’t fair to hit us this way somehow,
Nothing in a life such as ours was right,
But look up at the sky, see the future ahead and bright….

Your limitations you may still overcome,
I am stuck with the memory of all that was done,
Your anger you may one day get a hold of tightly,
And still I would recall what made us unhappy…

See your birds in their cages of wood so dark,
Listen to them, captivity left its mark
On their heart, their soul, they are sad,
Just as my refusal to listen made you once so mad….

But remember that what you once had, happiness,
You may get again if only you learned from all this mess,
Hold you hand in fits of anger,
Remember that the ones you love, will always remember…

No I do not truly hate you,
It was in fact also my fault too,
For listening to you, let you get your way,
And I hope we both know true happiness one day….

I dream...

I dream…. Of valleys of green
Spreading below skies of blue,
Vast, rustling woods of brown,
I dream that the fear will one day cease

I dream of the sweetness of love,
The warmth of a cuddle shared,
The softness of knowing you matter,
I dream aimlessly, hurting myself….

I dream that nothing went bad in life,
The sky staying blue forever,
The sun shining non stop,
I will dream this way until I breathe my last….


As the hand traced the length of her leg,
As she found the invasion too much,
She pushed it off track with a small smile on her face.
As he lifted it again above her skin saying no.

Still the hand returned, a little less soft,
A little more insistent upon her skin,
His face glowing in hope doomed for long,
She pushed it off track again saying no.

And the hand came crashing back on her leg,
The pain so intense, the affront so immense,
She turned away, the hand falling to the bed,
That hand once more off track as she said no.

The hand grabbed her arm leaving marks for days,
Turning her over again to face him, his face full of anger,
His pride hurt, his needs unfulfilled, his wife unresponsive,
She shook the hand away, whispering please no.

He shouted words of her ears had heard for a decade,
A long night ahead, a long-time of unhappiness,
The faith has reasons the women have no responses too,
Her words unheard, her pride shattered as she repeated no.

What the man, the man had to have, a decade of respect broken,
Words are worth nothing to one who uses them just to speak,
His hand moving as it wishes on a body not his own,
As she pleaded gently, hoping for a little pity, just a simple no.

In her mind life found little worth, a person a mere slave,
All thoughts spiralling out of control in the dark of her room,
The warmth of a breath no longer welcome by her side,
And she could only ask kindly for this ordeal to end.

She woke up in the middle of the night surrounded by white,
A colour of peace, of hope and all good,
She looked at the clock, looked around desperately,
The nightmare ended, all alone, safe but full of the memory,
Full of hatred for the one of condemned her to an eternal fear.