Thursday, 25 October 2012

A night

It seems so far away
Yet it was but a day
At dark under the cloak of night
But my mind holds it with all its might...

Each sound, each touch is there
Yet the person has gone seemingly elsewhere
The emotions felt through the touches at their smallest
On my skin as soft as feather dust...

Each caress at its most tender
There stroking my mind softer and softer
Breaths, skin on skin moments now gone
And for the love of life, what have I done?

Those I’ll remember happily
But the silence now is cutting me deeply
There is no way to explain what my mind seeks
But it will be torturing me now for weeks….

Maybe it is better to teach it patience
In such a torturous way, a lesson freelance
But it will not stop bringing back
What went on under the cloak most dark…

Laurence Ramos

Happy Birthday to the one who under the cloak of dark woke up a monster in me
I had so long hoped I would never again see....
May your day be wonderful, 
Hoping to hear from you one day....

A Dedication

Little noises flicker around the mind
Thoughts most unkind
The temper boiling over from the stress
And having to look back on the past mess....

Time may pass but the wounds are there
Hidden, warm and waiting somewhere
The smile may fool the many around
But to hell lately my mind is bound....

One day they were there, waiting
For the return of the child coming
Hoping for that one last hug, last goodbye
But it never happened and they never knew why....

Each Autumn their memory awakens in her mind
And in the heart of the one left behind
She tried to join them but had to stay
Accepting this had to be the only way...

Still for them she loves, lives and hopes,
Loosening the last remaining ropes
Holding her to the life that led her to lose all
Still trying not to take that final fall...

In memory of my father, Grand Mother and Grand Father whom I will always love more than life itself.
Them who sacrificed all they had for me, for my childhood to be happy hoping that my life would be good.
It's getting better but without you sometimes it is hard. I just wish I had had that last goodbye...

Laurence Ramos
7.02 pm

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Thoughts running through my mind
Pouring out of my tired eyes,
All of those feeling so unkind
And still no answers to the whys....

It was maybe all too much, too fast
One step too quickly paced
All of this devastating past
Suddenly seems so eerily misplaced

If those where all just words I'd ignore all
I'd class them as bygone moments
But as I'm heading once more for a fall
All I feel is the cold cement....

I shouldn't have tried but I never listen
I go ahead full of life and hope misunderstood
Never thinking what could happen
Then hitting a wall, letting in the flood....

Laurence Ramos

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Or is it? 
For all the purring of the feline kind
You linger on my melting mind
Soft caresses and tender kisses
To your touch my heart a skip misses
Slow hours trickling seconds by minute
Pleasures the silence couldn't mute
Lost in the icy blue ocean of your eyes
I forget the time as it gleefully flies
Yet if in words I could just express what is now missing
Maybe it could be found in the memory of the candle still burning.
Hours gone not so long ago now
To the needs slowly rising I could bow
Soon one hopes, sooner maybe
Those sensations could once more be...

Laurence Ramos

Another night

Another sleepless night
My mind taking a flight
Towards dreams far away
Of times to come one day
Another late night alone
With poetry to be done
Moments of tune fluttering
While my mind floats away dreaming
Another night filled with sentences
The same thought in my mind dances
Stopping and coming like a flashing light
Another night filled with dreams I hope for with all my might.
Laurence Ramos