Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sweet Tenderness

Never forgotten in the sweet tenderness
Petits rien chuchotes dans  une petite promesse
Hand in hand strolling through a darkened corridor
Laissant les idées, les mots à leurs propres sorts
Melodious symphonies playing in hearts softly
Pendant que l’âme pense à l’amour en supplie
Longing for beginnings anew born out of fever
Oubliant les maux qui appartiennent à la ferveur
The road is longer than anyone would say
Mais plus douce avec un peu de complicité
Remains to find the soul to carry the heart further
Et laisser derrière un passé plain d’horreur.

Laurence Ramos

Three Minutes to Darkness

It was a few minutes, no more
Leaving a mind and heart sore
The force at its most extreme
For the pride to remain supreme
Never would humanity believe
What those in the soul leave…
Until you feel yourself giving in
Feeling your strength failing
You beg, starting pleading
Your hand around his wrist
In your head your thoughts twist
A final fight for survival
How is this happening at all?
The air sour stings your lungs
In his eyes your love suddenly is hung
You kick, you struggle to no avail             
After you no one to recount the tale
Around your neck his strong fingers
His eyes burning full of pure anger
Then suddenly your thoughts dims
Still in his eyes the rage gleams
The light switches off so slowly
Until there nothing left for you to see
As your body gives in to total emptiness
There’s nothing left for you to confess
Deep darkness as you slowly sink in
Today for you there will be no winning….

Friday, 14 September 2012

Alone Together

Tears running down the pale cheeks
Heart beating faster by the second
Eyes that never meet
Pure deepest emotion
There’s so much that could be told
Hands never held for mistaken comprehension
Millions of beating hearts whose love is never bought or sold
Yet there is no denying their never failing passion
Time and time again beating for the same purpose united
Far far away from the ones they love more than life forever
In this world and life that suddenly became so complicated
Never forgetting that inside them, somewhere burns this powerful fever
Alone in the darkness of their lonely rooms in their cold homes
Their hearts and souls alone burn in unison
Each minute of their lives inscribed in the universe’s tomes
As those misunderstanding what is understood by a million
No tears, no smiles shared in public yet all known some way
All fading in the line of time and life in a sublime feeling
Light as air yet so heavy in the hearts of those who couldn’t say
What those together bring in anyway something appealing

Laurence Ramos
02.34 am

Behind Pride

No nothing would let me admit it
What festers within me simply
Held by the fear, my mind won’t submit
To what the heart begs it to see…

Yet it is there, somewhere inside
Boiling over in all manner of ways
Kept prisoner by my heightened pride
Maybe I’ll tell you some days…

Some many times I seem to seek within
What is keeping a light in this odd place
Trying desperately to find it, something to pin
To what is not there, to some face….

Hard to appreciate what feels so good
When it is not comprehensible
Bringing about this sulking mood
Letting me forget what is so sensible

No it is not possible to understand
And my mind still refuses to think
About why I walk about with this emptied hand
And my eyes so often refuse to blink

Sleep is sweet yet seldom comes to me
Every time I close my eyes I see them smiling
They beg of me to be happy
In words that I fake understanding

Never seeing the point of hoping
Not seeking to find this feeling truly
I’ll keep on enjoy it’s presence growing
And maybe one day, why it’s there is what I’ll see!!!

Laurence Ramos
3.08 am