Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Goodbye, goodnight

Pulling the carpet from under you
You, my lover never true
Leaving behind us the remains
Of the violence and problems
Taking of you nothing
I am now happy forgetting
Our life together
One I wanted to last forever
Foolish thoughts of mine
Destroyed by you through time
The hurt is fading slowly
And you lost all, you lost me…
Lost love deeper than ocean
Broke it slowly in the span
Of a decade hard worked upon
Left behind wife, daughter and son
Pretences were no way to leave
Hoping the love would still believe
Bringing darkness upon my mind
Leaving me to walk life blind
But I emerged from the darkness
Worked my way out of your mess
Grew stronger than you knew
And all this without you…
I've pulled the carpet from under your feet
There is no warmth in that heart for you to greet
No memories worth remembering
I loved you, I knew you but you I despise
I cannot but feel anything else otherwise
Pity for the person who thought me a possession
Of his, eternally devoid of passion
Blind to what was lying next to you
A lover loyal and true…
Goodbye old boy one day maybe
In me a friend you’ll see
Yet I doubt I could see it be
Good night to your hopes
Rolling down their slippery slopes
Of despair and pain
This heart to you is forever slain.

Laurence Ramos
January, 15th. 2013

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